EMT Disclosures

The European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA) has set out and endorsed the European MiFID Template (EMT), a MiFID information exchange template jointly designed by product manufacturers, such as asset managers, and distributors.

The template provides a functional description of the minimum set of data (defining a product’s target market, distribution strategy and disclosing its costs and charges) from product manufacturers, such as asset managers, to distributors to help them fulfil the regulatory requirements. The EMT for Target Healthcare REIT plc, provided in line with the terms set out in the attached disclaimer, is available below.

EMT v4.1 29 September 2023 – csv

EMT v4.1 29 September 2023 - Excel

EMT Disclaimer

Please do not hesitate to contact info@targetfundmanagers.com should you have any questions or have comments regarding these EMT files.