We invest in care homes we believe in.

Target Fund Managers is a specialist investor and the provider of property-management services in the UK healthcare sector.

When we talk about investments, we mean a lot more than just funds. We also invest our time and attention after the investment has been made. We believe that only by maintaining a close relationship with care home operators, can we truly ensure the quality of living our residents have enjoyed throughout their lives is continued into their elderly years.

Investing in care. Delivering returns.

Our investments are made with diligent care, detailed analysis and a genuine passion for doing what’s right. We invest in the creation of new homes that set the standard for elderly care. And we recognise that the success of these investments is due to our fundamental ethos of care - for residents, their staff, and the investment transactions that bring them together.

Meet our team

Target’s best investment has been in its people. Our entrepreneurial team has in-depth knowledge and experience of investing in, building and operating healthcare businesses and property assets.

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Our ethos

We all have our areas of expertise, but recognise that we need to work together to achieve the common goals of Target.

We are well trained and inducted for our roles. We have the appropriate skills to deliver and address challenging situations clearly.

We are known as people of our word. Our word is our bond.

We tell the whole story and want our partners to understand our expectations.

We respect one another’s abilities and qualities and achievements, with consideration, thoughtfulness and civility, and continue to work together and respect each other.

We are colleagues, we spend more time with each other than most other people, other than our families, so we develop strong relationships.

We stay focussed on achieving our goals of helping others, our carers, tenants, operators, and delivering on investors objectives.

We give grace to others and learn from every situation.

"Fully engaged in enhancing the care of seniors."

Kenneth M MacKenzie
Chief Executive

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