We are helping to improve the standard of care in the UK.

We’re increasing the number of purpose-built properties and better healthcare facilities across the UK by offering bespoke funding opportunities.

There’s no doubt that the environment in and around a care home plays a huge part in the well-being of its residents. Spacious, inviting and fit-for-purpose: that’s how we’d like all care homes to be. We’d be happy to discuss our tailor-made funding solutions with any like-minded operators and developers.


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As a specialist investment firm with a short chain of command, we have a deep understanding of the industry’s dynamics. This has allowed us to acquire and modernise a significant number of purpose-built care homes across the UK in recent years.

We assess potential investment opportunities quickly and efficiently aided by the fact our team has a far-reaching experience that includes operating, financing and monitoring care homes. In addition, our range of funds allows us to be creative in the way in which we invest, meaning we are not hampered when assessing new investment opportunities. These are just some of the ways that sets us apart.

Our funding can be tailored to support:

  • sale and leaseback transactions of established and profitable care homes.
  • development funding, either on a forward-funding or forward-commit basis.
  • acquisition funding.
  • direct investment to sustain or accelerate operator growth.
  • refinancing of third-party debt.
  • operator-succession planning, either internal or to a third party.
Who we are

Meet the Target team

Target's best investment has been in its people. Our entrepreneurial team has in-depth knowledge and experience of investing in, building and operating healthcare businesses with property assets.

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"Target Fund Managers have an in-depth knowledge of the UK elderly-care sector. So they quickly form a reliable assessment of investment opportunities and can get into detailed discussions with clients. The team takes a pragmatic and straightforward approach to transactions: they’re always true to their word."

Anita Allen
Principal, Bespoke Care

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